Available at the usual haunts online (everywhere!), and in person at Alice, Ever After Books (Buffalo, NY); Kensington Row Book Shop (Kensington, MD); and Prairiewoods (Hiawatha, IA). Also, signed copies are available from Etsy
As You Grow I Want You To Know (Wisdom Nuggets, Vol 1: Self) explores the universal knowings of dignity, connection, and wholeness meant to help children amplify their sacred, internal glow. Focusing on social / emotional development, its vivid pages are playful in spirit and can be enjoyed at different levels of understanding. This book contains a new, rhyming “wisdom nugget” on each of 15 spreads that supports the reader’s self-confidence, mindfulness, and feelings of positivity. These messages are captured with colorful, happy landscapes and dreamlike, slightly-undefined animals which encourage the reader to stay creative and flexible. The last page invites readers and grown-ups to create their very own wisdom nugget in the space provided among the named characters from the book.
A is for Alligator... And Other Information to Entertain You Let's learn our ABCs, but let's make it beautiful! An ABC book to learn, delight, and start conversations. In Jackie Adrian's signature, acrylic, collage style, she has brought her collages to life with the alphabet. The letters, paired with vivid collage, capture the focus of the young learner. Each letter collage is detailed with a small, few sentence long story about the letter subject. "B is for Bird. Meet Wes. He likes to give compliments. By the way, you are looking so lovely today." The descriptions are whimsical, a little off-kilter, and always inclusive. "F is for Flamingo. Meet Ruby. They like to swim with crocs. Nelson is their best friend."
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